When Oklahoma Duct Cleaning was started, our focus was on providing duct cleaning services and products like filters and return air filter grilles. Our main focus is still on air duct cleaning and still offers other products. But after a couple of years we started to learn more about how some homes were built with the ductwork being under the slab. We found this out because a lot of homes built between 1975 until the early 1990’s was standard to use a mix of PVC pipe and metal fittings, boot boxes and plenums (the air distribution box that all of the ductwork ties into). It took one job for us to figure out really quick that we cannot clean a breeched system. Meaning, if the metal has rusted through, our vacuum is so strong that we would cause more damage than do anyone any good. After having to just walking away from these types of jobs, we learned how to fix any rusted metal under the slab. These days there are companies that claim to “Coat” the ductwork. We can assure you of something: We have thought about every way possible to be able to coat the ductwork to fix it. We still don’t and don’t plan on taking up the practice. There are several reasons why we don’t. Honestly we don’t feel comfortable with the coating material. However, we can fix ANY metal under the slab. It just takes more work. One more point to be made. If anyone says they can water proof your under the slab ductwork, they are not being honest. It is impossible to keep ALL water out of even the best laid, all plastic ductwork under your slab. Beware of companies that make that claim.

Below are some examples of what we are able to do.

  • Plenum Repair
    As you can see in this picture, there is no metal left. We were called to this customers home because there was sand blowing out of the ductwork.
    Once the furnace is removed we are able to put starting collars on the ducts to begin the rebuilding process.
    After we get the new starting collars secured to the original ductwork, we cover them with our Airlock product and insert the new sheet metal walls.
    We then entirely cover the new plenum with a product called Airlock 181, and pour a new concrete bottom to the box.


  • Bootbox Repair
    This is a typical problem with homes that have ductwork under the slab.
    To repair this, we have special boot boxes made that are 1/4 inch undercut. That way we can slide a brand new box in, attach it to the ductwork and it’s like brand new. This will pass inspections if you are trying to buy/sell a home and an inspector has said they need to be repaired.


  • Fitting Repair
    The first step is to clean out enough sand and concrete to find the rusted fitting.
    Then we dig enough fill sand out of the way so we can get in and replace the fitting.
    Once there is enough room, we are able to install the new fittings.
    After we have secured the new fitting to your original duct work, we coat it with a product called “Airlock”.
    Now that the fitting is secure and sealed, we fill the hole back with concrete.