Air Duct Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

Air Duct Repair Service in Oklahoma City, OK

You need air duct repair services for your home or Oklahoma City business.

Save time searching for the right air duct repair and replacement services. Let Oklahoma Duct Cleaning handle it! With over 34 years of air duct repair experience and 31,000 satisfied customers, you can trust us to do the job right.

Our skilled and experienced air duct repair workers use the Compact See-Snake Plus method, which is best for the business. The method makes sure that air duct repair gets done quickly and correctly. Plus, we provide air duct cleaning services to remove contaminants and built-up gunk from your air duct system.

You can trust us to care for all your air duct repair and replacement service needs and get the job done right. Contact Oklahoma Duct Cleaning in OKC immediately and see what professional air duct repair looks like!

Air duct repair

How To Fix Or Repair An Air Duct & Vents?

Air duct repair and replacement are necessary to keep any HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently. Depending on the damage’s severity, we use several methods to fix or repair an air duct.

How to fix minor damage to the air duct?

In this case, a simple patch job might suffice if the damage to the air duct is minor. A patch job involves using sealant around the edges of the damaged section of ductwork to seal it off from the rest of the system. However, this method should only be used as a last resort because it does not address underlying system issues.

How to fix severe damage to the air duct?

If the damage is more serious, like missing pieces or corrosion, it is necessary to replace the whole thing. In this process, we remove all the old stuff and replace it with new parts that fit the measurements of your existing system. Taking the right steps to insulate any new components is also important to keep energy from leaking out and improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

It’s important to note that attempting these repairs yourself can be dangerous and cause further damage if done incorrectly. For this reason, it’s best to leave repairs like these up to professionals with experience dealing with HVAC systems and their components. Our skilled technicians have the right tools and know how to seal and insulate things so they work.

How Much Does Air Duct Repair Cost in Oklahoma City, OK?

The cost of air duct repair in Oklahoma City, OK, depends on the extent of the damage and how extensive the repairs need to be. Most of the time, air duct repairs are cheaper than replacements. Depending on how complicated the service is, they can cost anywhere from $285 to $330 or more. If a complete replacement is needed, costs can vary from $650 to over $2,000, depending on the system’s size, type, and quality.

But the best way to get an accurate estimate for your needs is to talk to one of our licensed technicians. They will give you a free estimate that considers everything, like the size, location, type of material, difficulty, and access restrictions.

Why Should You Not Patch or Fix Air Ducts & Vents by Yourself?

Avoid patching or fixing your air ducts because it can be dangerous and complicated. Air ducts & vents are important to a home’s heating and cooling system. They are attached to HVAC systems, which can be challenging to operate. If you try to fix or replace an air duct without the right training and experience, you could get seriously hurt because of broken equipment or dangerous materials like asbestos. Also, if the air duct installation is correct, it can save energy over time, making the HVAC system less effective.

Professionals specializing in air duct repair understand exactly how the system works, have access to the specialized tools necessary for the job, and follow safety protocols when working with HVAC systems. By hiring Oklahoma Duct Cleaning, you can be sure to complete air duct and vent repair OKC correctly and safely the first time.

Expert Air Duct Repair Services in Oklahoma City, OK

At Oklahoma Duct Cleaning, we understand the importance of having clean air ducts in your home or business. Old, dirty air ducts can spread dust and other allergens throughout your home or office, causing health issues for you and your family or employees. Our skilled technicians know how to fix or replace any air duct system quickly and effectively, causing you as little trouble as possible in your daily life.

Our expert air duct repair process includes the following–

  • Assessing the situation before starting work so we can provide you with an accurate estimate for the job.
  • Using only high-quality materials to ensure a long-lasting result that will last years.

Our air duct repair services range from simple fixes like replacing worn-out seals to bigger jobs like replacing whole ductwork sections damaged by corrosion or water leaks.

No matter what kind of air duct repair you need, we’re proud of our commitment to great customer service and effective solutions at prices that won’t break your budget!

And that’s why we are the experts!

Best Air Duct Repair & Replacement Company in Oklahoma City, OK

If you’re looking for the best, most reliable air duct repair and replacement services in Oklahoma City, look no further than Oklahoma Duct Cleaning Company! We have 34 years of experience giving great air duct repair and replacement service to more than 30,000 businesses and homes in commercial and residential OKC. For more information, please call us or make an appointment online today!

Plenum Repair

As you can see in this picture, there is no metal left. We were called to this customers home because there was sand blowing out of the ductwork.

Once the furnace is removed we are able to put starting collars on the ducts to begin the rebuilding process.

After we get the new starting collars secured to the original ductwork, we cover them with our Airlock product and insert the new sheet metal walls.

We then entirely cover the new plenum with a product called Airlock 181, and pour a new concrete bottom to the box

Bootbox Repair

This is a typical problem with homes that have ductwork under the slab.

To repair this, we have special boot boxes made that are 1/4 inch undercut. That way we can slide a brand new box in, attach it to the ductwork and it’s like brand new. This will pass inspections if you are trying to buy/sell a home and an inspector has said they need to be repaired.

Fitting Repair

The first step is to clean out enough sand and concrete to find the rusted fitting.

Then we dig enough fill sand out of the way so we can get in and replace the fitting.

Once there is enough room, we are able to install the new fittings.

After we have secured the new fitting to your original duct work, we coat it with a product called “Airlock”.

Now that the fitting is secure and sealed, we fill the hole back with concrete.

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