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Following you will find a list of facts about our company as well as some facts about duct cleaning in general in the state of Oklahoma:

  • Oklahoma Duct Cleaning has cleaned over 20,000 homes in the state of Oklahoma. Click here for our referral list
  • Oklahoma Duct Cleaning uses the patented “Source Removal” system to clean duct systems.


When Oklahoma Duct Cleaning was started, our focus was on providing duct cleaning services and products like filters and return air filter grilles. Our main focus is still on air duct cleaning and still offers other products.

But after a couple of years we started to learn more about how some homes were built with the ductwork being under the slab.

About oklahoma duct cleaning

Oklahoma Duct Cleaning was started in 1986. For over 30 years now we have been in the business of providing Oklahomans with better indoor air quality. We are a family and locally owned company. Oklahoma Duct Cleaning has cleaned over 30,000 homes and businesses in the state of Oklahoma. Click here to read many of our satisfied customers testimonials.


Video Inspection

One way to view the inside condition of your air conditioning, ventilating, or exhaust duct system is to use Oklahoma Duct Cleaning’s “Compact SeeSnake Plus”. Since the SeeSnake only requires a small opening, the need to cut large access openings in the duct system is eliminated.

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