If they don’t have a truck like this, ask questions;

 A LOT of questions!


Oklahoma Duct Cleaning was started in 1986. For over 30 years now we have been in the business of providing Oklahomans with better indoor air quality.  We are a family and locally owned company. Oklahoma Duct Cleaning has cleaned over 30,000 homes and businesses in the state of Oklahoma. Click here to read many of our satisfied customers testimonials.

Oklahoma Duct Cleaning offers a variety of products and services focused on cleaner air for you and your family. A few of these are duct cleaning, mold treatment, under the slab repair as well as products like high efficiency filters and easy access filter grilles.

At Oklahoma Duct Cleaning, we know your in-home air quality is important to you. Please note the following facts about our company.

  1. Oklahoma Duct Cleaning has cleaned over 20,000 homes in the state of Oklahoma. 
  2. Oklahoma Duct Cleaning uses the patented “Source Removal” system to clean duct systems (see picture above).
  3. The owner of Oklahoma Duct Cleaning has over thirty five years experience in the air conditioning business in central Oklahoma.
  4. The state of Oklahoma requires NO license for duct cleaning. Which basically means that anybody with a roll of paper towels and a wet vac can (and do) call themselves “Duct Cleaners”. If you have checked around on pricing for duct cleaning, this will explain the huge differences in price between two companies.