Air Duct Cleaning Tulsa Reviews

You might be wondering what qualities you should be looking for when hiring air duct cleaners. As experts in the field, we can tell you that you should choose a company with experience, honest and knowledgeable with great attention to detail.

But how do you find such a highly regarded company? It may be as easy as looking at their reviews. Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth. If you don’t have a referral from a friend or neighbor, online reviews are the way to go. Here are some of the things our customers have said about us in their reviews.


When looking for air duct cleaners, naturally, you will want to hire a company that demonstrates professionalism in demeanor and behavior, from the first phone call to the finished project. Numerous customers cite us as behaving professionally from beginning to end. From customers new to air duct cleaning to those who have already dealt with a few different companies, trust that we’re the most professional in the business.

“I own several rental properties across Oklahoma City and have used OK Duct Cleaning for their annual duct cleaning and maintenance. Love to work with their crew. Very professional and always show great results.” –Alex P.

Punctuality/ Promptness

We always arrive on time. Sometimes we can even get there earlier if it’s convenient for you. We get the job done in just an hour or two, and we get it done right. We’re quick but thorough. And we clean up after ourselves. You’ll never know we were in your home, apart from having cleaner air, of course!

“We had a really great experience with them. They arrived when they said they would. Their work was fantastic, we could really tell a difference in the air and temperature after they were finished. 10/10 would recommend them for air duct cleaning services.” –Tacnoz


The best air duct cleaners are ones that are willing to work with you. We schedule our work around a time that’s most convenient for you.

“Great company to work with! They make it easy to schedule a time that works for your schedule…” –James K.


We know the process and can walk you through it. We’re well-trained in regular, routine cleaning as well as diagnosing problems and troubleshooting.

“Their crew was very friendly and knowledgeable. They took the time to explain the process to me, was attentive the entire time, and showed me some before and after pictures to prove their work…” –Noah W.


Almost all of our reviews describe how friendly and communicative we are. You might think this isn’t an important quality, but when you have someone working in your house for an hour or two, you want them to be easy to talk to, especially if you have questions or concerns. Ideally, you want to be comfortable with the folks you hire to complete a job in your home.

“Oklahoma friendly. Really felt at ease with their team working on my home. Their crew didn’t feel like strangers at all. Very engaging and relatable…” –Pat C.


We show our customers before and after pictures of the inside of their air ducts so they can see the difference for themselves. Several of them say that they can see from the pictures they got their money’s worth. We also have customers who say they can tell the difference in air quality in just hours.

“The quality of their work was great. The before and after photos would be enough to convince me I got my money’s worth, but can’t complain about how much better the quality of air is in my home.” –Molly P.


A good air duct cleaner should be affordable. It costs approximately $300-$350 to have your air ducts cleaned in the Tulsa area. We’re quoted in our reviews as having the most competitive prices in the area, without sacrificing on quality.

“They offer us the best price for air duct and vent cleaning in the OKC area. I was on a budget so thought I was going to have to sacrifice some quality to meet it, but I was wrong. Not only is it affordable air duct cleaning, but the work is exceptional. They were able to get it done in almost exactly an hour and the results have been great.” –Mollie P.

For professionalism, punctuality, flexibility, knowledge, friendliness, efficacy, and affordability, look no further. Make us your go-to for top-quality service at a reasonable price. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out more of our reviews on Google. Give us a call today to make an appointment.

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