September 15th, 2017

 Standard Residential Duct Cleaning Prices

Minimum duct cleaning includes the cleaning of one (1) Furnace as well as we will disinfect your duct work.

15 or Less Air Duct Openings $399.00
16 Openings $425.00
17 Openings $451.00
18 Openings $477.00
19 Openings $503.00
20 Openings $529.00
21 Openings $555.00
22 Openings $581.00
23 Openings $607.00
24 Openings $633.00
25 Openings $659.00

If you have more than 25 vents, simply add $26.00/per opening to $659.00.

Don’t forget to include the return air vents as well.


Commercial Duct Cleaning Prices


We base our commercial duct cleaning on a per job basis. Usually commercial work involves more than one day and other special circumstances. We base our pricing on how long the job will take, how many people will be needed, can we work on the job during normal business hour, will we need any special equipment and when can we expect payment for the work. Please feel free to call us for at 752-1608.


 Other Duct Cleaning Charges

Extra Furnace Cleaning $105.00
Out of Oklahoma City Metro Area $.75 / mile
Dryer Vent Cleaning (Half off with duct cleaning) $155.00


Under Slab Work

Under Construction. Please call for quotes.

Video Inspection

Video Inspection $260.00/per hour**
Our Video Inspection DOES NOT INCLUDE making a "recording" of the inspection. We do not offer a tape or DVD of our findings. However, a complete report will be written by our technician, as well as we prefer for the party interested in the video inspection to be present during the inspection.
* Cost is for "typical" repair/replacement. Price could vary depending on certain conditions
** Indicates (1) hour minimum

ALL WORK DONE UNDER THE SLAB IS NOT guaranteed to be water proof

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 752-1608 for more information